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Scrivere secondo Lansdale

Posted in Collegamenti, Parole by matteb83 on 10 ottobre 2012

Joe R. Lansdale, prolifico scrittore texano (In fondo alla palude, La sottile linea scura, Bubba Ho-Tep, il ciclo di Hap e Leonard) ed esperto di arti marziali (giuro),  ha una pagina facebook piuttosto aggiornata, in cui da conto dei suoi spostamenti e segnala notizie, articoli, video che lo coinvolgono, ma anche no. Oggi però, per qualche ragione, ha deciso di condividere nel suo spazio online non dei link, ma una serie di pensieri sulla scrittura e il lavoro di scrittore. E alcuni passaggi sono parecchio interessanti.

Finding time to write. If you can’t find time, you probably don’t really want to do it. If it’s only fifteen minutes to thirty minutes a day it adds up. I always figured if I could go to some job I hated to make a living, I could certainly find a few hours a week to write. I either wrote before I went to work, or wrote at night for a few hours, or a few pages. Sometimes I was able to work nights and mornings. On weekends I worked extra. I wanted it. You have to want it. It can’t just be a dream. It has to have some kind of support under it.

One word leads to another. If you can write one word a second will nearly always follow, and so until you have a sentence, and a paragraph, and a page. Letting it flow from the subconscious instead of thinking about every word is a pretty good way to go. Do it as well as you can to avoid major revision, but let it flow.

Although I have written under some awful circumstances, I think most writers write well when they are doing well. A good solid job that provided time to write is a blessing. I worked as a janitor for years, and it was a job I didn’t take home with me. It was solid but non-demanding work once you understood it, and it allowed me to put beans on the table while I wrote. Finally the money I was making from writing was as good as the money I was making from being a janitor, and when I quit being a janitor it didn’t take long before I was making much more writing full time. I kept my janitor notebooks for years though, fearing I might have to go back to work cleaning toilets and buffing floors.

In three months I wrote a story a day for about 90 days. They were all bad and were rejected many times, as there were a lot of short story markets in those days. But it helped flush the bad stuff out of my system. It helped me begin to find my voice, though that was still a few years off.

Write like everyone you know is dead, and that you don’t have to worry about what other people think. Write the story you would like to see, even if its vulgar, violent, or romantic and soft, or all those things. Write the story that means something to you.

Insecurity about writing and therefore not doing it is a waste of time. You can be just as insecure writing as you can not writing, except you might eventually feel less secure when you have a pile of work.



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